3 minute shower: cool down from hot to warm to tepid to cool to exhilarating:
Posted in Earth by Doug Grandt on May 16, 2010


  1. Doug Grandt created a new Earth deed
  2. Doug Grandt logged a deed earning +5

    Started with hot water, then stepped it down after 15-20 seconds, ending with cold exhilarating water. Saves burning gas to heat the water.

  3. Jess Reese logged a deed earning +6

    Did it!! And it woke me up, so I didn't have to brew more coffee!

  4. Tomas Barberis was awarded the Greenling

    I take a shower of 2-3 minutes, with practically cold water.

  5. wendy davis logged a deed earning +6

    getting good at this


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