Adding Deeds

Adding a new green deed is contributing to the pool of solutions that create a more sustainable future. Deeds are divided into five elements:

How and why a deed is grouped with an element is up to you. A deed could be something that heals the Air by not making pollution such as:

"Walking instead of driving to the grocery store"

This deed could also be seen as benefiting the Earth by not requiring oil. The element you choose to associate your deed with is up to you. I added this deed as Fire because I think that is the element electricity is most similar to:

"Installed solar panels on my roof"

If you have a great idea or a daily habit that you can't find listed under any element- add it*, but only add deeds if you think they're different from other deeds. *You may only add one deed per day

Adding a deed is not the same as Logging A Green Deed. Simply adding a deed does not mean you've actually done it.

Logging Deeds

After a deed is added. You need to log it. Logging a deed is like saying:

"I have done this deed today."

Eco-Heroes only allows you to log the same green deed once and three deeds total per day.

Since we have no way enforcing whether you actually do a deed that you log, we are leaving it up to you to be honorable and honest. The true measure will really be if we end up saving the world or not!



Points are earned for adding deeds and logging deeds. You also accrue bonus points for the more you do on a given day.


There are numerous ways to earn medals- some are earned by doing a certain number of deeds in a given element. Other medals are earned by special combination of actions.

Eco Hero

Each week the person with the highest amount of weekly points will win the coveted Eco-Hero medal. Therefore every year there will be a total of 52 people who win.

If the winner has opted into a Sustainable Schwag contest they will win be awarded those prizes as well.

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